TV week: Aliens and alienation

Sky One’s Colony turns a whole load of family secrets into a political affair

The Colony (Sky One)

The Colony (Sky One)

I think I’m going to like Colony (Sky One), which is more than the Colonists do for they are very much of a mind that the whole thing should be destroyed.

They have every right to be disgruntled, these garden shed rebels and curfew dodgers. Forget the oranges plucked from the trees in sunny LA.

There’s razor wire mingled among the branches and overhead a fleet of drones act as the eyes and ears of an unseen oppressor (who may not have eyes and ears so, you know, no offence guys).

We are in Falling Skies territory (which itself was in Walking Dead territory). The alien overlords come here with an unknown nefarious purpose and recruit slimy humans to run their territories while they harvest bobcat DNA or whatever.

Proxy Snyder is chief among the turncoats (obviously, with a name like that). He blackmails square jawed former Special Forces dude Josh Bowman into helping him root out the resistance with the reward of a reunion with his son, from whom he was separated by one of the many sun-speckled walls.

The Tunnel: Sabotage (Sky Atlantic)

Trouble is, spoiler alert, his wife (Sarah Wayne Callies from Prison Break) is one such resistance fighter although she has spared her hubby the burden of that particular news item over their bartered breakfast burritos. Now she’s a conflicted sneak, taking her husband’s office gossip and turning it into intelligence which, in turn, gets turned into IEDs. Could get messy.

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I struggled with the first season of The Tunnel (Now TV) based on my instinctive dislike for culture-mash joint productions. They always feel like a compromise hatched in some dank railway cafe equidistant between their points of origin, each side scouring the script with a highlighter pen to ensure linguistic parity.

I tried again with the grim The Tunnel: Sabotage (Sky Atlantic) but it can’t be done. It just can’t. Quel dommage.

Giles BroadbentTV week: Aliens and alienation

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