Boats working the river – a Totally Thames gallery

This month it is the Totally Thames festival with a range of events celebrating the capital's most precious asset. Find out how you can take part

Totally Thames is an annual season of diverse and accessible arts and culture that runs throughout the month of September.

The month-long programme runs along the 42-mile stretch of the Thames through working collaboratively with artists, local communities, river interest organisations and businesses.

Its aims are to:

  • Spotlight the river with excellent, surprising and spectacular art
  • Champion a diverse and sustainable creative riverfront
  • Inspire the next generation of river ambassadors
  • Create unique and innovative opportunities to discover and learn
  • Support and nurture emerging artistic talent, placing the River Thames at the heart of new work

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Totally Thames says

“Each year we run an open call for events to be part of our programme these range from pop-up performances, boating events, art installations, River clean-ups, live performances, talks, workshops and much more.

“We commission and support artists from all disciplines to create new work that spotlights the river and its rich heritage. The Thames is part of the fabric of London life, and has been since time immemorial. Its relationship to urban and rural surroundings is ever-changing, and this vibrancy lends itself to creating extraordinary and surprising artistic experiences.”


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