I am a multiple award-winning journalist – as editor, writer and designer – and I have a long history of effective campaigning and visual innovation.

I started the only publication ever to run at the Millennium Dome (The O2) alongside media partner, the London Metro, and I was editor of The Wharf and wharf.co.uk for a decade.

My management and career coaching qualifications stem from many years working with trainees as well as overseeing major projects, including media launches, re-branding, re-designs, marketing strategies and internal re-structuring.

As a board director, I have run business units with seven-figure budgets and staff complements of 50+ people – and I’ve also been unemployed and had to start from scratch.

I am on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram where, among other subjects, I record my fascination for the River Thames. Contact me at giles.broadbent@wharf2go.co.uk

Giles Broadbent

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